Alaska Native Place Names Workshop

April 29, 2015

Captain Cook Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska

Herron 1899
On April 29, 2015 the Alaska Native Language Archive and Bristol Bay Native Corporation sponsored a statewide workshop on Native place names, held in Anchorage as part of the Council of Geographic Names Authorities (COGNA). The larger meeting brought together representatives from state names authorities, including Alaska, and representatives from the USGS Board on Geographic Names. Much of the discussion in these meetings focused on official names and procedures for adopting official names.For the workshop on April 29 we broadened the scope to include all issues related to Native place names, including but not limited to the following:

  • procedures for documenting place names
  • connections between names and landscape
  • databases and data management
  • strategies for promoting Native names
  • significance of Native names
  • education and place names

The workshop was an opportunity for those involved in place name work across the state to share their experiences. To that end we welcomed presentations describing place names efforts.

For further information visit the workshop website:

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